Stasha Subotic

22 Aug 2020

Back in May 2014 I was introduced to Toplica by a close member of my family. At that time I have started having some health issues which were confirmed and diagnosed soon after. Due to the circumstances I was receiving treatment in distance starting from May till present except couple of sessions in July when I had the opportunity to be part of the group therapy. Both treatments were beneficiary to me and yet very different. Initially the treatments helped me to recover from the physical and emotional state I was in. Shortly after I have started to feel better and stronger each day despite the strong medication I was taking. It is my choice to continue with the therapy each week as I trust and relay on Toplica and his healing hands and energy. I believe by following his advices and receiving his treatment I will remain feeling very well and healthy. I have found Toplica caring, patient, with great passion to help others. Person who simply have a time for all and everyone.